We’re focused on quality of care

Every one of our participants is important to us. Our person-centred approach towards the services we provide our participants enables our team to create a support plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

We have a focus on providing support to people of all abilities, utilising industry experience and expertise, as well as genuine passion for helping others.

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→ Experience the difference

Mobile services that simply make sense.

We proudly provide experiences that are meaningful and build confidence, fostering a feeling of safety and being cared for from the very first interaction. Our mobile services have been put together with participant’s care, convenience, and comfort in mind.

We do the traveling around for our participants, so they can feel comfortable in the environment of their choice. This way they can make the most out of the time we spend together and focus on achieving their goals.

Our Mobile Services

→ Explore the possibilities

We focus on possibilities, not on disabilities.

We provide a wide range of exercise physiology services to the community. Our exercise physiology programs are designed to empower people through tangible progress and a focus on wellbeing. The person-centred approach to healthcare underpins our interactions, decisions, and interventions, to develop trust, rapport, and choice.

Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Exercise Physiology Programs

→ NDIS Capacity Building Supports

Helping you make the most out of your NDIS plan

Our number one priority is to improve and bring value to people’s quality of life. We tailor our treatment plans to support participants in achieving their goals whilst maximising the value of their NDIS support.

NDIS and Capacity Building

“We aim to create a supportive environment to inspire people to take on new challenges together”.

Choose disability support that’s right for you

At All Abilities Allied Health, we are making it our mission to deliver high value care that is flexible and individualised to each of our participants. Everything we do at All Abilities Allied Health is carefully designed to improve the independence and overall wellbeing of the people we care for.”

Our Process

Our services are regularly reviewed and adjusted based on our participants’ feedback. Tailoring the service and  support according to personal preferences, goals, and needs enables us to provide the right support for our participants.

Our People

Our team are always professional and attain to a strict Code of Practice. Our Team members act with respect, discretion, and confidentiality to support our participants to be as independent as possible. We have a focus on providing support to people of all abilities, utilising industry experience, evidence-based practice, as well as genuine passion for helping others.