About All Abilities Allied Health

We provide meaningful support for people of all abilities with care that empowers and helps them achieve independence.

Established during the COVID-19 pandemic, All Abilities Allied Health believe in breaking down barriers to physical activity, well-being, independence, and participation by providing access to support for those who need it most and are willing to give it a try.

We aim to address the social and personal cost to independence, by providing opportunities for enjoyment, self-determination and growth, in a time of uncertainty and change. With experience assisting people with different social, cultural, and medical histories, we value your story and understanding. Independence looks different to everyone and your support should be as individual as you are.

Every one of our participants is special to us. Our person-centred approach towards the services we provide our participants enables our team to create a support plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

We have a focus on providing support to people of all abilities, utilising industry experience, evidence-based practice, as well as genuine passion for helping others.

We provide Mobile Exercise Physiology services to:

  • Western Sydney
  • Blue Mountains
  • Lithgow

Our Mission:

“We aim to create a supportive environment to inspire people to take on new challenges together”

At All Abilities Allied Health, we are making it our commitment to deliver effective and flexible, quality of care. Everything we do at All Abilities Allied Health is carefully designed to improve the independence, physical health and emotional wellbeing of the people we care for.

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About Our Founder

Bryce started All Abilities Allied Health to help people live independently and empower them to have choice in the way that they live. He believes in providing everyone, of all abilities access to best- practice healthcare. Bryce is passionate about mental health, wellbeing and helping people on their journey to independence.

He values the importance of finding activities that you are interested in, that bring meaning to you. With experience in different settings including inpatient hospital, private practice rehabilitation, and mobile community-based disability care, Bryce brings a passion for understanding people, their stories, communities, and their contexts.

Greater understanding of people provides the foundation for developing plans and achieving outcomes. Bryce is an advocate for the person-centred approach to health and multidisciplinary care model. He is enthusiastic about working alongside people, open communication, and is respectful of his therapeutic footprint. Away from work, Bryce enjoys time with his family, friends and two dogs.

He has played a variety of sports, including rugby union, football (soccer) and athletics, and makes time for activities outdoors and socialising. He also has an interest in the environment and sustainability.